Why Asuncion?

I think I spent more time finding a name for my future company than most parents spend finding a name for their child. Finding a name was a discouraging process because every time I found a name I liked, it was already taken by some other company. I Googled many different sounding words that meant different things and I wasn’t feeling any of them, and the ones that I did were taken.

I went on to play around with Latin words. Personally, I think Latin is really cool because its so ancient and its the root of most modern languages. I came across “invicta,” the Latin word for “unconquered.” I didn’t want to just use that word by itself so I needed to add some sort of flare to it. I was searching the meaning to many company names and found that most of them were just made up words; so I made up my own as well. “Invictale.” Its a word with two parts, “invicta” meaning unconquered, and “tale” meaning story. I like the “unconquered” aspect of the word because the road to following your dream is full of obstacles that tend to defeat those with the faint of heart. I made a vow to myself that none of those obstacles would defeat me, so “invicta” suited my needs. The “tale” comes from what I would be doing. I want to tell stories and express myself through forms of visual art.

Awesome, I had my name and it was time to conceptualize a logo. Just as I was researching fonts; my roommate came in and told me that one of her friends’ parents had just died. She was telling me what she knew about what happened and I just in awe how quickly someone can just disappear. My thoughts eventually ended up in a place where I imagined life without my mom. Mortality is a sobering thought.

I continued to think about my mom and how supportive shes been in my endeavors. I was raised to pursue what I loved to do, practical or not. If my passion was to be a birthday party clown, she would have bought me the nicest clown makeup and attire. I would not have had the courage to follow my dreams if it weren’t for her. In a way, she saved me from a life of unsatisfaction and unhappiness. I owe her so much for that. At that point it was clear to me that I was going to name my future company after her.

I scraped all those days of finding a name and ended up with “Asuncion,” my mom’s middle name. Whether I succeed or fail, my own pursuit of happiness will be under the name of the woman who gave me the strength to pursue in the first place. Keep creating.


Getting Started

Let’s kick thinks off with how I made the Asuncion Pictures logo.

Asuncion Pictures Logo


Needless to say, the logo is a vital part of any company; so I needed to make a good one. So, already, I had a goal to achieve; make a good logo. Achieving that goal is easier said than done, there are so many different types of logos.


  • Round vs Square
  • Tall vs Wide
  • Colorful vs Monochrome
  • Script vs Symbol
  • Complex vs Simple
  • Light vs Bold
  • Organic vs Geometric
  • Depth vs Flat
  • Good vs Bad
  • Etc.

It gets overwhelming the more you think about it. So how do I make a logo?  Well, I don’t know much about marketing, but I know what I like; so that’s where I started. I have a propensity to indulge in spending money I don’t have on luxury items, a trait I picked up from my uncle. Now next step was to start getting inspired.


I Googled “luxury brand logo inspiration.” I found that the results were polarized between complex and simple. Most of the logos that showed up were conceptual. The complex ones were not only too busy, but there was a bigger problem with them…



Sensing the pattern? The complex luxury logos are way cliche. Rhyme intended. These are just two examples, the Google search was flooded with overly flamboyant logos. I also noticed an abundance of two things; lions and crowns. They’re overdone so I knew I couldn’t use them; which is a shame because I kinda wanted to.

I knew I wanted something more on the simple side because simple is trendy these days. Also, I decided to Google “luxury brand logos” and drop the “inspiration” from the search because I wanted real life examples.


Alas, a new problem. A majority of the luxury brand logos were just the name of the company in some random font. And the few logos that actually have a symbol didn’t help either.


Do I even have to say it? A toddler with Microsoft Paint could crap out 100 of these in 5 minutes. A logo can be simple but have thousands of hours of thought behind them, but these logos are just lazy. Don’t even get me started on how similar these logos are. Fun fact: Gucci has two logos and they’re both two Gs overlapping each other. So I decided to ditch Google for now and just think. When I think luxury, what’s the first brand that comes to my head?


Versace! I want to say there was some sort of genius behind Versace’s marketing that made me think of them, but in all honesty it was that song “Versace” by the Migos that made me think of it. You know? That one song that goes “Versace, versace, versace, versace, versace, vesace.” Yeah, that one. However, Versace has a really nice logo. It’s on the complex side, but it’s not cliche at all. It’s busy, but it adds simplicity with the circle; it gives the logo structure. I don’t know any other brand that uses Medusa either. I’m sure another one is just a Google away, but you know how I feel about Google right now.


Okay great, we have a place to start. My favorite part of the logo is that there is person in it. Animals are overused.

  • Ferrari, horse.
  • Lacoste, alligator.
  • Lamborghini, bull.
  • OVO, owl.
  • Vineyard Vines, whale.
  • Abercrombie & Fitch, moose.
  • Swarovski, goose.
  • Twitter, bird.

Just to name a few. Having a person in the logo works perfectly for me because the company is named after my mom. “Asuncion” is my mom’s middle name. I’ll go into why I named it after my mom some other time. I needed some sort of reference to illustrate a human head.


I chose Taylor Swift because I’m in love with her. Also, this picture is perfect because she has similar hair to my mom, who I’m basing the logo after. At this point, I put it in Photoshop and messed with it and came up with a simple silhouette. I lost the file, otherwise I’d upload it so you could see. It was a good start, but it looked like a clip art so I needed to add some sort of accessory. A hat? Nah, too predictable. I needed something more elegant.

In 3rd grade, I went to a Catholic school and I played Jesus in our school play about Jesus’s crucifixion. The guy who played Pontius Pilate wore some sort of leafy crown as part of his costume. I thought it looked cool, so I Googled “leaf crown.”


I found this one, traced it, and added it to the logo.


Okay, now we’re getting somewhere. I wasn’t sure where I was going with it. Usually, what I do is keep going until I feel like it’s finished and then go just a bit further. At this point, I’m not close to feeling finished. I needed more inspiration, so its back to Google. Its a production company right? Let’s see if Google can redeem itself and search for some production company logos.



Those are some of the ones I liked. I liked these for the same reason I liked the Versace logo. It’s a unique design with added structure from a circle. So I took the hint and decided to go that route. I ended up with this…

blah 2.jpg

I know what you’re thinking, so I’ll address the elephant in the room.


I’m aware Dream Works has a moon in their logo. I’d like to take this moment to say that artist borrow from other artists all the time; I’ve been borrowing this whole time if you haven’t noticed. Borrowing isn’t just in graphic design, but all art forms. Every good story is more or less based on some Shakespearean story. Remember the logo examples? All the overused ideas? Okay good, let me have this one. And besides, logo design isn’t my specialty. Everything I know about graphic design is from observation.

I’m happy with my logo right now. It just needs some color and texture.

Asunsion Logo.jpg

Wow. I love it. Now just to add the company name. This part is easy, just choose a font and type it out. If you’re wild, you can modify it after its typed. I chose ITC Fenice Std as my font because it’s strong and luxurious. It looks like this…

blah 3.jpg

Nice, right? I took the all caps route because its sharper, in my opinion. I typed it out and modified it. After this step, I’m pretty much finished.


Here it is.


I’m happy with the way it turned out. It takes months to design a proper logo. Considering I spent 3 days conceptualizing it, I’m probably going to hate it before the end of the year. Also, the thought behind it wasn’t the deepest. I kinda made it up as I went. But for now, I’m more than satisfied with it.

Stay tuned for more posts like this. I finished the logo before I made this post; in the future, I’ll make the post as I go. I’m open to any criticism you may have. Thank you for reading this far; this is my first post and I’m excited for what the future holds for Asuncion Pictures. Keep creating.