Why Asuncion?

I think I spent more time finding a name for my future company than most parents spend finding a name for their child. Finding a name was a discouraging process because every time I found a name I liked, it was already taken by some other company. I Googled many different sounding words that meant different things and I wasn’t feeling any of them, and the ones that I did were taken.

I went on to play around with Latin words. Personally, I think Latin is really cool because its so ancient and its the root of most modern languages. I came across “invicta,” the Latin word for “unconquered.” I didn’t want to just use that word by itself so I needed to add some sort of flare to it. I was searching the meaning to many company names and found that most of them were just made up words; so I made up my own as well. “Invictale.” Its a word with two parts, “invicta” meaning unconquered, and “tale” meaning story. I like the “unconquered” aspect of the word because the road to following your dream is full of obstacles that tend to defeat those with the faint of heart. I made a vow to myself that none of those obstacles would defeat me, so “invicta” suited my needs. The “tale” comes from what I would be doing. I want to tell stories and express myself through forms of visual art.

Awesome, I had my name and it was time to conceptualize a logo. Just as I was researching fonts; my roommate came in and told me that one of her friends’ parents had just died. She was telling me what she knew about what happened and I just in awe how quickly someone can just disappear. My thoughts eventually ended up in a place where I imagined life without my mom. Mortality is a sobering thought.

I continued to think about my mom and how supportive shes been in my endeavors. I was raised to pursue what I loved to do, practical or not. If my passion was to be a birthday party clown, she would have bought me the nicest clown makeup and attire. I would not have had the courage to follow my dreams if it weren’t for her. In a way, she saved me from a life of unsatisfaction and unhappiness. I owe her so much for that. At that point it was clear to me that I was going to name my future company after her.

I scraped all those days of finding a name and ended up with “Asuncion,” my mom’s middle name. Whether I succeed or fail, my own pursuit of happiness will be under the name of the woman who gave me the strength to pursue in the first place. Keep creating.


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